So what is wtFitaa about?

There is a myth that pregnancy is enjoyable, empowering, womanly. Certainly for some women it seems to be, but not all. If you are one of the many women for whom pregnancy feels like a fog of awfulness, a quick descent into indignity or just an utter drag, well this is intended as your companion.

Pregnant and not loving it

Pregnant and not loving it

This is my second pregnancy. The first was, to put it politely, no fun at all. the first three months and a bit were spent in a state of constant nausea, trans-atlantic flight-esque exhaustion and bloated windiness. The next three were a bit better, at least I could tell people I felt awful. The final three a waiting game, that just like Christmas, felt long in anticipation and then suddenly upon you. Although, whilst the result was the greatest gift ever, the delivery was pure agony.

And here I am again. Pregnant and not loving it. So, armed with a sense of humour, some biological facts and a desire to share an honest account with other women I am writing this. I will share stories of my own experiences, and those of other women. I will be honest. The gripes will be large and small. But if this is your first pregnancy and you’re beginning to despair – don’t. There is an end to it all. It feels like forever but really isn’t. And yes, you can find it within yourself to do it all again.

(NB: if biology truly provided a choice then it would definitely be my partners turn, but more on that later.)


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